In 2005 “Badu Jewellery” brand was born in America. Inspired by feminity, beauty, travel, art, history and nature, our chief designers design unique jewellery for women who want to bring romance to life. They are very passionate about what they do and pay more attention to the designs. Each piece is crafted with fastidious attention to detail, meticulous hand selection ensures all crystals and gemstones are superior to industry standards. The founder is an environmentalist, he is very strict in purchasing and using raw materials, which must be in good quality and green. Only in this way can we bring the best experience to our clients. Each piece of Badu Jewellery is handmade by experienced artisans from a base natural materials such as stone, leather and solid metals in high quality. All our jewellery combines originality with fantastic workmanship, creating beautiful, contemporary pieces. So our products are widely recognized and trusted by clients. In Badu ,wish you could meet your favorite jewelry ,meet a unique and charming yourself.